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Crafty, Scrappy, Happy: April 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

A meaningful map project

On a personal note:
Let me be honest, I am having a hard time dealing with my upcoming move....I love the lake house I am living in, I love the memories I have made here in Michigan, I love my friends that all live HERE.  At the same time I am also crazy excited to be living in the same state, same city and same house as my husband in just a short two weeks time...  So my thoughts and emotions are everywhere on this topic!

Anyways, on to my inspiration:
Those of you who have been around this blog for awhile know that I am totally head-over-heels in love with MAKING MEANINGFUL art and avoiding all things store bought...why buy something without meaning when you can make something that means the world to you?!?

So todays project was inspired by my wanting to reflect upon my time in Michigan while at the same time trying to remind myself to have good perspective when I am once again living with my husband.

I just started with a printed quote that I love on a page of my beloved encyclopedia paper.

I then I went to town with a heart puntch and a vintage Michigan map....
I picked all of the towns and cities that remind me of my time here----I have had sooo many great memories here and many of them were during road trips or antiquing adventures, some were on weekend getaways with hubs, and others an friends homes in other cities.

I taped all of my hearts to vellum so they would be a bit more noticeable than if they were right on the encyclopedia paper.

I then practiced my sewing-on-paper skills before trying it on the real deal! ------I LOVE sewing on paper, it will for sure be my new thing.....I love the detail it adds even if it is only noticeable to me...  Watch out I shall be sewing all of my new paper projects!!!

I sewed each heart individually right down the middle because I knew I wanted to fold them up a bit when I was done.  ***I didn't just do one sewn line down the middle of my hearts (like I had originally intended) because I realized I didn't make them perfectly straight when I taped them on....I think I like how they turned out this with this method any ways.

I then sewed my vellum onto the encyclopedia paper----has anyone else noticed that it is no easy to attach vellum to regular paper without having the double sided tape show through????
I must note I only sewed 3 sides of the vellum to the encyclopedia paper because I wanted the top open just in case I want to stick some memorabilia inside the pocked I made down the road.

Then I distressed my super cheap (we are talking six dollas here) shadow box because plain black just isn't my thing at the moment and because I am in love with distressing EVERYTHING. 

I added so burlap that I picked up this week at a garden shop for .75 cents a yard---is that good or bad, I don't even know?  But I love the stuff and knew I wanted to used it for some things so I just went for it.  At least my compulsive shopping only cost me .75 cents a yard right?!?  

And I added clips that I found at Hobby Lobby (pack of 16 for $2.99)

I just secured everything with pins because you never know with me....I might decide tomorrow that I would like to change everything....I have a hard time committing when it comes to crafts!

So this is my project as it is right now, what do you think?

I chose the quote because I wanted to remember each day how grateful I am to be living with my husband instead of 7 hours away.  I also want to remember that I am beyond grateful for my memories and moments in Michigan.  I want to remember specific places that brought me joy and the friends that were with me during those moments. 

I really like this project becasue,
I am REALLY GOING TO try to have a grateful heart each and every day for the journey that has been my life and is my life---for the blessing each and every day.

{Horrible photo I know---gotta love the flash, but I wanted to show you how it looks on my door!}
{By the way---I got sooo many compliments on my door from my last door post that I think it might stay around just like this....we shall see!  Buttt I must say how did no one tell me that I have the thing upside down?!?!  oopppss!  I didn't even notice and now I am feeling a bit lazy so I will not be taking new photos}

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Playing dress-up with old candles

Is it just me or is this week going fast?  Imagine that I think the week goes fast when I have a break from school!

I was once again inspired last night to do some up-cycling to a few of the many many candles that I have around my house (most of which are from my wedding 3 years ago----that have been sitting in a plastic bin ever since).   I must admit that I am now an obsessive compulsive up-cycler, I therefore thought I should drag a few more out of their temporary retirement and get busy decorating!  

So I know I know I have done two projects with candles not that long ago, click here or here to see them, but todays is tweaked a touch so I thought I would once again share a wayyyy to long tutorial so you can do-it-yourself!

***This brings up a good point that I would like to bring up----if you are inclined to do your own version of projects and want to show me how they turn out I would like love to feature you on my "your creations" tab (you may have noticed the super empty sad tab I added earlier this week) just because it would be fun to see YOUR version!!!   :o)

Back to the topic at hand
Candle Dress-Up 

For the doily candle:
 I used the same technique as I used here just a couple of modifications that I want to mention:

1.  I taped my doilies down with double sided tape to make sure they stayed in place prior to heating the wax
2.  I did my heating of the wax then went back with a plastic knife and smoothed out imperfections 

For the jewel and flower embellished candles:
I decided to essentially make my own pins---think of the cork board possibilities!!!! 

I used the backs of earrings that I bought in a pack of about 60 for $3 at Michael's---I have a bunch of ideas for them!

Initially I intended on using the jewelry glue I used to make my magnets because it is super super strong to make my jewel pins but lets face it, I couldn't wait so I ended up veto-ing that idea and using hot glue instead.

{this picture was taken before I realized hot glue was way cooler I mean hotter---you know what I mean}

I was then inspired by my good friend Tabitha's blog to make some cute fabric flowers like she shows how to do so very well in her tutorial.

{butttt me being me, I decided to take up-cycling to the next level and used some old shirt fabric (I just saved these from my goodwill pile---yikes my husband is going to kill me---but I don't think I can be considered a hoarder if I am using what I save right?!?!)}

{I attached my cute Tab's inspired flower to the a earring back so I could pin it right into my candle}
(on second thought maybe I will just wear them as earrings----hahahah)
(have I told you lately I am a big dork!?!?!?)

I am linking up here.

p.s. just in case you are worried I am crazy inspired by my latest kick----MEANINGFUL wall art, I will have at least two more projects finished today to share with you soon :o)

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another fun up-cycled cabinet door

I am beyond honored, today I am being featured as a guest post-er on my blogger friend Connie's blog Measured by the Heart.  She is by far one of the most wonderful people I have met via the blog world thus far.  I have always known I love crafts but I had no idea how much I have loved getting to know all of YOU the crafty people who are so very inspired!

Please check out her blog and my guest post, it is my attempt pretend I actually know what I am doing here in blog land when in reality I am sooo not a blog pro.  But I am motivated by my love for crafting and inspiring other crafty people.

I did a little up-cycle project for the post that I want to share with all of you!

Here it is:  (as I posted this part on her blog)

I would love to share a little project with you today highlighting my love for up-cycled usable and meaningful crafts (sometimes even all at the same time)?!?!

I started with a steal of a deal cabinet door from a re-cycle home type thrift store.


1.  I sanded (kind of because I am a bit lazy), painted the cabinet door and a scrabble game piece holder at the same time, I distressed both big time and then picked out some of my favorite scrapbook paper (I have many so this isn't as easy as it sounds).

2.  Since the cabinet door in-set was a strange shape I trimmed my scrapbook paper and then sanded the edges to make sure everything was sized just right and distressed looking.

3.  Ahhh and then just add mod podge to seal her on

4.  This is where I came to my dilemma point---my original plan was to embrace a menu type look of the board while using a scrabble holder to hold the menu/recipe card....... butttt then I had some other ideas:

Display for special pictures and sayings, recipe card holder, quote pick!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Nautical Themed Mantle

Happy Monday blog friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!  I had such a wonderful time with my husband even though our packing and moving is in full swing!  Today I must admit I took the day off to relax and try to really realize that I am DONE with school!  A day off from packing can only mean one thing----yep you guessed it I was crafting up a storm!  

Here is my first of a few projects and tonight's treasured up-cycle:

I know some of you have read some of my other posts where I have talked about how I am only decorating with meaningful home-made art keeping with the meaningful idea I found these sand dollars while packing.  I love that Cal found them for me on one of our trips to Cancun---ahhh special memories and moments.  I was inspired to display them as a reminder of the wonderful times spent together.

And here is where I started:

I came across a load of cabinet doors for sale for a bundle price at a re-use home building store 
***I know I didn't pay more than a couple dollars each even thought this ticket price says seven dollars or something crazy like that*** 
I can't stop thinking about different ways to use them!  
*At least a couple of this weeks projects will feature these lovely doors so beware!*

{So I should note this was not the cabinet door I actually used for this project but was one of many I have been painting and up-cycling lately}

I also have a pile of these old wall art box-thing-ies and have been full of ideas of ways to up-cycle them...I am always excited to rescue and reuse things that have been laying around the house that are no longer my style!

So I don't have many in between pictures this time but I just printed my sea inspired pictures on my beloved encyclopedia paper (same directions as the last few posts on how to do the printing).  I found the coral at the graphic fairy and starfish at wbclipart.
Then I distressed the corners of the paper with sand paper while supporting the paper on piece of scrap wood.

For the cabinet door I just painted it white, distressed like crazy and added the label holders and sand dollars.  I used a glue gun to place the sand dollars because I like the idea of being able to change the items on my board----my style is constantly changing!

I also must note that I am still so so so in love with my encyclopedias and took time to find fun sea inspired words to put in the holders!

Ahhh now if only we could all take a week off and play in the ocean!
Bbbuutt back to reality,
*I will be back to moving and packing tomorrow!*

Ohhh and before I forget I must mention that:

Once again I was also slightly inspired by pottery barn's new love for nautical decorium as well----ahhhh I love that store!!!

I am linking up here.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well I have to say I have had an amazing weekend and wonderful Easter!  Cal (my husband) was here and so we spent some much needed time together enjoying and packing and celebrating (I am done with school!!!!  Only 2 weeks until graduation but more importantly 2 weeks until I am moving home to be with him!!!).  The exciting news is that today was our last goodbye!  We have been saying goodbye after long weekends for the past year and this was our last, the next time he comes here I am leaving with him!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!  But honestly at the same time I do sometimes have a hard time closing old doors, I have loved the past four years I have spent in Michigan!

Today our wonderful and amazingly sweet neighbors welcomed us into their home and into their family (or at least they did a great job making up feel like part of theirs for today), it was the best Easter EVER!  I don't know if they will ever fully know how much it meant to us, it was so special!  

And it wouldn't be a proper Easter if Cal and I didn't take an opportunity to act like big kids we are so we had a little Easter pancake competition!  Kind of fun, this might become a fun little traditions because I have a feeling that real kids (not just the kids at heart) might really enjoy this too!

I know I know I bet you don't need any kind of explanation, but it wouldn't be a blog post if I didn't make it somewhat tutorial like :o)

Bag + Batter + Small Hole in the side of the bag!

Thanks for being my blog friends even thought I am super dorky!  

Happy Happy Easter!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Exciting News

Hi blog friends, its just little old me Jaime sitting here squealing with delight because I am being featured on the blog Knock Off Decor!  I am sure the blog pros out there are thinking why is this silly girl all excited....well it is because I have never been featured anywhere and I feel beyond honored.  I am just a regular girl who likes to be crafty and enjoys sharing ideas and inspirations.  The blog world is SUCH an amazing way to do that!  

So yes, I just wanted to share my exciting news!  Check out their site if you have a chance!!!

Thanks always for stopping by, comments and followers make my day!!!!

A spring mantel from up-cycle garage sale finds!

There is nothing like a refreshing night of up-cycling, especially when you are happy with the final product.  

I have really discovered my love for garage sale treasures last year, I am SO anticipating this years garage sale season!  But the crazy thing is that I am still working on some projects from last years garage sale finds....  I found an oar and picked it up, because I am so so so in love with anything that reminds me of the lake....I love the water and the fun you can have in it, the calm and peaceful feeling, really, let me just be honest I love everything having to do with my little Hamburg Lake (I am so so so sad about leaving in a few weeks).  Anyways, back to my projects:

These were a thrift store find, I painted them and was enjoying them {see pictures here} but I couldn't stop thinking they weren't distressed enough for my taste.

So I decided to try out some glaze....I have have never glazed before and I am definitely NOT a pro, in-fact I am not sure if I even did it correctly, but I was happy with the results.  I just tinted the clear glaze with black paint, made sure it got in the all of the little distressed details of and then rubbed it off with the an old cloth...

I started with white paint and then discovered my new best friend the sandpaper is distressing easier with that!!!

Finally I added my most favorite summertime quote using the technique I used here.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Number Wall Art Craft

Nothing too exciting or difficult about this process but I love the end result, have I mentioned that I am really really into meaningful home decor?!?  Well I am in love with anything with significance and this one has A LOT!  All I did was find my font on and then think of significant dates in my life.

Day I was born, day hubs was born, best day of my life-the day we got married, and second best day of my life, the day that I end my 22 years of formal education :o) wooohoooo!!!  Oookkayyy so my graduation day isn't as earth shattering a date as births and a marriage but really 3 rows of numbers weren't quite what I was going for....darn I am a dork!...but really, maybe I will have to make a new version of this when/if Cal and I are blessed enough to have a little one....
I should note that I printed the numbers on an numeral system encyclopedia page, gotta love that!  Also I left the encyclopedia paper on the card-stock I used to print the paper and then distressed both papers edges with sand paper (my attempt of showing you this step is above).

I added scrapbook paper as a background and to add a little color...I am not sure if I love the frame, but it will do for might get replaced this summer if I find a cool garage sale steal of a deal.

I have to share this funny tid-bit.  The husband explicitly told me not to nail anything onto the walls since we are moving in a few short weeks and just put a fresh white coat of paint up on this rental homes walls.
I couldn't figure out a cool way to display my arts and crafts without a nail somewhere so I decided to use my old door I have around just waiting for me to up-cycle it.  Ironically I kind of like it with the frame on it!

I am linking up here.

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Up-cycled display holder DIY

Happy Monday Blog Friends! 
Today I have a fun little up-cycle to share

Here is how it turned out:

And here is where I started:
{I kept the box in the photo so you could see the red clearance tag from Marshalls, this was a $5.00 clearance find}

I was once again inspired to use my encyclopedia paper for this project....shocking right?!?!  I first removed the clips from the board and used my trusty mod podge to place my first layer of paper.  Next I printed my quote on the encyclopedia paper---just tape the thin paper onto a more sturdy card-stock to prevent printer jams.  I played a lot with size of the quote on normal paper before printing on the encyclopedia paper.  Next I ripped the quote out and mod podge-ed it into place.

Final top coat of mod podge, replace the clips and add ribbon to hang the project by and wham bam, up-cycled project display.

What do you think?

Did you notice that I added this special little image in the corner?
I got it from graphic fairy and just added my blog name.  Have I told you lately how wonderful that web page is?!?

I am linking up here.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dreaming of Home Sweet Home

I have to say I had an amazingly crafty weekend which is always a wonderful treat for me!  I made every attempt to avoid my encyclopedia paper and was yet somehow drawn to it for each project....I might need to create a group for myself--encyclopedia-paper-arts-and-crafts-addicts-anonymous--but wow would that be a long name :o) EPAACAA (yeahhh too long and confusing) 

Anyways back to my crafts, I am so so so inspired by the idea of my new house and wanting to make it my new home I have been busy making and creating wall art...have you ever noticed how expensive wall art can be and how impersonal it usually is?!?  I am officially boycotting the store-bought-wall-art-industry and I am having a blast making my own.  I am a sucker for anything with meaning so that has been my goal, to incorporate meaning into my crafts and ultimately into my home.  

So without further chatter this is my first of a couple of projects from my weekend:

I have a shadow box that drives me crazy, I have filled and re-filled this shadow box about 10 times and haven't found anything that I have loved...but this one might stay around!

{I started with an empty shadow box from home goods}

{My exciting discovery for the night is that I can print on my encyclopedia paper!}

So in order to print on light weight paper you just tape it down to cardstock---sooo easy---why did it take me so long to think of this?!?!? 
(needless to say my next few projects defiantly include printing on my encyclopedia paper.)
Just backed everything with scrapbook paper, and found a cute key to use at the bottom.
Just glued everything down with zots and wham bam, done.

***The cool think about encyclopedia is that you can find meaningful words on the paper specific for your project---did you notice that this time I used family***

I am so so so excited to be back in the same state and home with my husband----only a few weeks!!! 
It will SO be a home sweet home.

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