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Crafty, Scrappy, Happy: A week away=some crafty nights

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A week away=some crafty nights

Look what I am busy making  tonight!  Thought they would be inexpensive ornaments for our Madison Christmas tree-light weight to travel with but cute!  I am also going to use them for gift topper, I made matching gift tags!!!  I am having so much fun being crafty, to say the least!

And here are the highlights from Becki and I's week in Muskegon, MI on rotation:

I dragged Becki to about every thrift store and antique bargain store we could find, my goal was to find new things to refinish...and by refinish I mean sandpaper, and paint white and once in awhile use chalkboard paint also....

Found this old sewing drawer at an antique store for $2.00, for those of you that don't know I am a little crazy about drawers as of late but I guess what am I not crazy for these days!
It was painted an ugly brown color so don't judge me for painting it white....(usually they are SUCH pretty wood).  Annnddd I found the cute knob at the Hob Lob as I have now nick named it!  I would like to digress to say that I am in love with knobs...perhaps because I am one... they had them at Hobby Lobby this past week for half off so I grabbed so extras, what a huge difference they make to old furniture....I am all for small things that make a big difference, and these did the trick....I also grabbed some extras (in the blue mason jar--yet another love of mine!) and I am already thinking of a million things I might like to do with them! 

Found another crazy gold frame to paint white :o) note to self even if you are desperate because you are living out of your suitcase at the Hampton Inn you should NOT try to paint stuff with black foamy brushes-IT DOESN'T WORK and you will end up getting frustrated.

Chalkboard window thing...turned out cute, still needs some clean up work...and some creative chalkboard art and sayings.

Old candle stick holders and some random things all turned out fun I though and not bad for less than a dollar total.

Anddd thanks to Lindsey and Tabitha's inspiration I made some jewels with ribbon, I am excited to wear them and might have a hard time giving these away!

Finally I found this amazing old quilt from an antique shop in those of you who antique know, old quilts are VERY popular right now and they are usually VERY pricey butttttt not this time :o) I found a treasure and I LOVEEE it!!!  No white paint needed for this find! 



Blogger Tabitha said...

Great finds! I LOVE paiting everything white! It's so clean and simple and makes everything go together! You're brillant my dear!

December 14, 2010 at 6:35 AM  

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