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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Look what I did yesterday :o)

I got to go wedding dress shopping with Becks!  What an honor and how fun!  I am so blessed to be part of these moments with her and her family.

I love this picture---how Becks had to just take a moment to look at the mounds of dresses she was going to be trying on.  I told her and I will tell all of my newly engaged friends, its the only way!  You HAVE to try all of the different styles to figure out what you really love!  

How cute is this picture?!  Coming out of the fitting room with her first dress on.  ***note this did not end up being the dress, no pictures of that beauty are allowed on here until after her March wedding! 

Finding the dress takes some debating sometimes, but trying on a million dresses lets you pick small things from each one that you love so that when you find THE dress you will be that much more sure!

Andd finally a little teaser of the THE DRESS, silhouette style!  This girl is going to be such a beautiful bride in this AMAZING dress!  I can't wait for her big day, it is coming quick!  Reality set in yesterday--the wedding is getting close, but don't worry she found her beautiful dress---brides-to-be please understand this ALMOST NEVER happens on the first day of trying!  I was able to buy my bridesmaid dress off of the rack so there are no worries about shipping it here in time (which takes more than the two months we have before her wedding).  So now this maid of honor needs to get planning showers, batchlorette parties and eventually a speech---everything sounds so fun (except the speech part---ahhhhh I am so not a public speaker!).



Blogger Lindsey said...

uhh how fun! I cant wait until its my turn for you to do that with me! It reminds me of when we did this together... and how I cried when you tried on your first dress... such a special moment! Congrats Becky! Oh and PS I'm a bad public speaker too but if it comes from your heart, and you have the safty of notecards (hehe) then you'll do great!

January 22, 2011 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger Tabitha@InspiredByGiving said...

So beautiful! Beautiful bride, beautiful shots! I love it! Oh how I miss those days, planning our wedding! It's bliss! thanks for sharing!

January 24, 2011 at 1:39 PM  

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