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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patties day! This is my dorky dental joke for this great holiday. This day always reminds me of when I was little and my mom would dress me up in my bright green "knickers" and matching green vest made of velvet material.... To complete the outfit I would wear a white turtle neck, white tights as well as a green shamrock pin! Wow am I ever sorry I don't have a picture of that....wait I am sure there is one somewhere, maybe someday I will come across one and share it with everyone!

Great news from this friends the swans came back! Can you believe it?! Saturday was the first day that we had a small ring of open lake water and just a few hours later I saw our swans.... I guess I don't know for sure that they are the same ones from last year but I think they are :o)

They kept belly crawling onto the ice only to crack through, and belly crawl back up again! It was so fun to watch. Who knew living on the lake would make me crazy about birds...but they were such a neat part of last summer. When we first moved into our house last year there was a family of swans two parents and 4 babies. We watched the babies grow up to the point that they we weren't able to tell the parents from the babies---sooo cool!

Spring is on the way-the lake has melted about 5 feet since this picture! Todays temp. of 67 degrees helped! Cal and I went out and dug in the dirt tonight and I even had time to relax and take a nap outside on the hammock (of course with my beautiful quilt that Linds gave me).

It is that time of the year---"muddy paws time" of the year.... This too shall pass!

Aren't these flowers amazing?! I am so proud that I haven't killed this plant--this plant is the most special plant I own. Not only have I not killed it, but it has blooms on almost every leaf! Maybe it likes that lake house as much as I do!

Kylie and Quincy got their hairs cut this weekend!!! Doesn't Kylies butt look great all trimmed up?! Cal does such a good job keeping these girls beautiful with wonderful spring time haircuts!

Where we were just a few short weeks ago! I have to say I like the view better now that there is no snow!


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