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Crafty, Scrappy, Happy: Naughty or Nice $2,500 Holiday Sweepstakes!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 Naughty or Nice $2,500 Holiday Sweepstakes!

Well guys I am humbled and honored and thrilled to be able to let YOU my blog friends 
YES YOU know about a WONDERFUL contest and more importantly an amazing business
Now I want you to understand that I would NEVER get involved with advertising on my blog for something or someone who I don't believe is a great "fit" for my readers or myself...
but my friends, and
are so so wonderful I am so SO happy to tell you why I think so!

Sooooo wayyy back in June of this year I made a mantle from a cabinet {remember that guy?!}...

and although it is only a "makeshift fantle" {fake-mantle that is}
I on a whim entered it into a contest I found on facebook at and
"The Coolest Space" contest to be exact.
AND.... I was selected to be a part of the top 5!!!! 
{I remember posting about it on my blog in July in the post titled "On a whim"}
Well, to make this story a little more to the point---I didn't win...buttttt I did get a wonderfully real $200.00 gift card from them just for being in the contest.
AND we have kept in touch.

The point of this story---- and have REAL contests where REAL people win.

Andddd if you aren't already convinced that they are great let me tell you another little secret--- and are AMAZING places to keep up with---
You see they have a blog!!!
Andddd it is starting to feature crafty blogging folks just like you and me!

Soooo all of this chatter and what I would really really LOVE for you to do is to consider checking out the and sweepstakes that is going on right now!  
Not only because I think it would be amazing if YOU won, but also because I believe the group behind and are great and worth getting to know!

Sooo here are the details!

"Have You Been Naughty or Nice? Well, we're not here to judge! Like & for a chance to win $2,500!"

Just for "LIKING" on Facebook and filling out a simple entry form, you can be entered to win a $2,500 cash prize! 

And not only that, but each week AND are letting you come back to enter into a WEEKLY drawing for a $100 gift card giveaway!  
{All of the winners will be chosen at random}
The contest is going on NOW, and will be running through December 16th---so hurry!!!
You can get there easily each week just by clicking on their site button {yes little old me has a fancy and button} on my sidebar!

Now Please Please head over to on Facebook and on Facebook & let them know that Jaime sent you!!!!

AND also let them know that if you are a friend of this blog you MUST be NICE and wonderful and simply the best!!!!
Because I think my blog friends are the best!

Anddd incase you need some ideas for Christmas gifts for ME this year--- 
{that is required if you win---just in case I forgot to mention it}
But really have you ever just daydreamed about what you would buy with an amount like this just for you????
I NEVER think like that.....
{welllll maybe sometimes.... butttt this was kind of fun coming up with my little "Jaime" wish list}
Here is what I would daydream about spending the $2,500 on!!!
{Beware----I mighttttt sound just a little selfish here but hey it is my daydream right?!}

Meet my DayDream SIDES:

My Creative SIDE
ohhhhhhhhhhhh how I LOVE this camera. 
Love. my daydreams!!! 
Maybe if I had this camera I would even learn how to use it. ah ha ha {insert evil laugh here}.
My SEMI-practical SIDE.
 Yes, this side of me make me think that an oooh so nice pair of warm boots like these Sorrels would be awfully wonderful for the MidWest Winter that is quickly becoming wayyyy to cold for my toes!

Anddd My INTERIOR decorator SIDE
 Where else would I spend my winnings besides the ONE and ONLY Pottery Barn.
Because when I really really let loose and really really day dream...
I think MAYBE MAYBE I could think about buying something NOT on clearance in that store.
Darn it---
Ohhhhh how I LOVE that store!

Yep Still dreaming.

Ohhh just one second longer of my day dreammmmmmmmm!!!!

Okay then. 
I would LOVE to hear what you would buy if you WON!!!
Are you Creative, Practical or A Decor Nut like me???


And Please Note---just like I said before: has paid me to review their holiday contest and offer my opinion. I only recommend companies or services I really really believe my readers will enjoy.


Blogger The Fit For Life Wife said...

I have that Pottery Barn table and it is SUCH a BEAUTIFUL piece! We received it as a gift from the In Laws for Christmas last year. Love, love, love it! I just got the matching cube coffee tables with some of our wedding money last month. So worth it!

December 7, 2011 at 8:17 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Hi! Jaime~
I love the new look of your blog. I am not on Facebook so I can't join the contest. I love some of the same things you are dreaming about. Especially anything from Pottery Barn~just way out of my budget. I posted the PB knock off bed we made for my son.


December 7, 2011 at 1:07 PM  
Blogger Sankat said...

Awesome thing they are doing.

I would totally buy a dining room table that would fit our whole family in the space we have (an 8 seater square normal height table). I would love a DSLR Camera too.

December 7, 2011 at 6:43 PM  

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