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Crafty, Scrappy, Happy: Up-cycled duvet cover DIY

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Up-cycled duvet cover DIY

I have to say I had an amazing weekend!  I got to do a bit of celebrating for Miss Curtis at her batchlorette party---I still can't believe that her Colorado wedding is less than a week away!  I also had a little time to do some crafty crafting, that always makes me SO very happy.  

Let me just say this is my second official sewing project so my work is so so so imperfect, but I like the final result enough I thought it still might be worth sharing.  

{How cute is my new sewing bag?!?  It has wheels and everything!  I have that thing stuffed full with fabrics and the machine itself and the best part of the matter is I found it at T.J. Maxx for a quarter of the cost of a real sewing machine bag}

Anyways, on to my project!  I love duvet covers, I am obsessed with them but can't ever afford to buy a new one every season as I would like to....  Also I would like to note I have been on a crazy mission to find a script type fabric duvet cover (I know pottery barn has a sheet set which is what originally sparked my wishes for not sheets but a duvet....)  (I would also like to note that the sheets were around 3 million dollars so it was not a good way to get the fabric to make my own duvet).  After searching the web I found a script type fabric on and since like I said I am a bit new at the sewing stuff I didn't comprehend the amount of fabric I was buying I ended up with more than enough to make a duvet with!  ....and curtains, and pillows, and a shower curtains...hahah oops, good thing I really like this fabric (you will be seeing more of it on my blog thats for sure!)  Anyways, since I am always frugal I decided a viable way to make a duvet cover inexpensively I would recycle/up-cycle an old duvet cover I don't use anymore by using it as the base for my new duvet.  (That way I didn't have to sew that back side or the buttons at the bottom which I thought was just GREAT).  

So, no super wise words about this project, just cut the fabric to size (I left extra on the sides so that I could make a little extra fuffel at the edges (I have how most duvets seem to short on the sides)) 

Here is an idea of size if you are thinking about doing something like this!

Pin and sew, or if you are like me you pin, sew, rip out, sew, wonder what the heck you were thinking trying to do such a big second project, stop try to remember how to load the bobbin...finally sew some more...

Not sure if you can tell but here is the extra little ruffled edge I made on each side 

And just remember to no sew the duvet shut, leave the existing opening separate so you can get the comforter inside!  

I might be hunting for old duvet covers at garage sales this summer so that I can up-cycle them!  Quick and easy and I am loving the new look! 

Not sure if the cover will be in my room or the guest bedroom, but for now I am enjoying it---also not sure if I like it more as the entire comforter or the throw at the end of the fun to have options!

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Blogger DreamVintage said...

This is great! I have been meaning to try my first sewing project for a while... This is inspiring me! :)

April 12, 2011 at 3:08 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Great post. You have done a wonderful job with those DIY duvet covers. Thanks for sharing. Keep this up.

August 4, 2011 at 3:08 AM  
Anonymous cyni said...

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