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Crafty, Scrappy, Happy: The Haunted House ON Hamburg Lake!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Haunted House ON Hamburg Lake!

Okay so maybe my little Hamburg house isn't haunted, but it IS decorated for the holiday!  In case you didn't know I love love love to decorate and holidays give me a reason to change thing up and have some fun!  Sooo here are some pictures from my Halloween-ish house!

** disclaimer** pictures were taken with my cell phone because Cal has the nice camera---pictures of the Badger game this past weekend were a must have.  And as I am sure most of you can understand, when I have the camera I feel like I have nothing to take pictures of BUT when Cal has the camera for two weeks, I feel like I could have taken enough pictures to fill 5 scrapbooks...!

Painted my pumpkins just like my magazine told me to, but had to keep the crock out right next to them....just for a little bit longer before I bring it in! 

Kylie loves my decorations, and I love this old chair I just found at a garage sale the other day!  I also love the funny looking pumpkins just like this one!  I might just have to try to grow my own next year! 

Might be my favorite decoration in the house! 

Gotta have a Michigan pumpkin in the house even though our team is sucking it up right now!  Ohh and another crock! 

So may cute ideas for fall decorating this year I just had to try them all, a little ribbon around the pumpkin just adds a little something! 

Love my buffet!

Kitchen!  Note the ugly wood colored counter would not have been my first choice but when you have a lake in your backyard you can put up with a lot! 

Anddd I made some chalkboards out of old mirrors that were sitting in my good will pile of junk!  Thanks to Tabitha for the halloween quote idea!  

Yet another seasonal decoration! 

Annnddd the best part about my haunted little house in Hamburg----isss the view out my living room window....ahhhhhhh how I love lake living, this is my kind of heaven!  


Blogger Tabitha said...

LOVE IT!! The chalkboard looks so cool, we just bought some chalkboard paint too! I can't wait to use it, your place looks so great with all the harvest decor! And I love your lake view! Very cute!

October 19, 2010 at 8:07 AM  

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