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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New loves

Today might be a monumental day for me... today is the day that I learn about the magazine made for me... the magazine that (aside from pottery barn) that I would love every idea for decorum beyond reason.... and a magazine that I now aspire to model every room in my house in accordance to!!!!  WoWWW it is a big day---ha!  Sooo turns out there is a magazine that appreciates one of my nearest and dearest loves---antiques and country home living....soooo here are my inspirations for tonight.....

Nowwww, I am guessing I need gold paint or spray paint....maybe a marker and lots and lots of pumpkins and boy oh boy do I wish I had a stand like that....  I am guessing I saw something like this at a garage sale this summer and do you know what I thought?!?!?  ---hey I  bet I could stack some pumpkins on than?!!? nope!  I bet if I saw something like that I thought---I have no room for that aaaaand Cal will kill me if I try to bring that home......hummmmm.......maybe next years garage sales have to feature me being defiant and bringing home EVERYTHING that I love.....  BUT the good news is that I for sure brought every crock home that was in sight this garage sale season   ----I think I might see one on the lower left of the picture sooo I am almost there are far as my cute Fall decorum goes right?!?!?

Also a cute idea...but might not happen this year.....Next year when Cal and I have a house together and it isn't just meeee enjoying...perhaps....but reading a book right now that suggests that my life begins today...torn maybe I need to do it this year??!!!


OMG---yes the twennie ohhhh my goshhhhhh is used in this situation because I am in love love love with these bowls andddd they are in myyyy magazine as I will now refer to it as---even though technically speaking we are talking about country life---this magazine has captured my love for these antique (meaning-more than 100 years old) bowls!!!!  Although I have only found a FEW of these at garage sales (where the owner of these beuts thinks they are not worth more than a quarter) I looooveee the few that I have found and now, thanks to MY magazine am thinking I need a cool antique table to display them on!  

Love it or hate it, I am obsessed with antiques anddd finding bargins....annnd now officially OBSESSED with this new magazine!!!!  More to come on the decorum of this little lake house in Hamburg! 


Blogger Tabitha said...

Yes, I will have to pick up a copy! It looks my taste too. And I LOVE that pumpkin tree in the bookshelf! I will totally do that sometime!! Thanks for sharing your creative insight!!

October 14, 2010 at 5:42 AM  

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