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Crafty, Scrappy, Happy: January 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentines Decor---you hold the key to my heart!

Wellllll it is almost that time of the year.....
Valentines day is right around the corner,
and so I had to embrace the holiday with a little simple decor for my living room.
Nothing fancy.
But meaningful and sweet all the same.

All I did was hand stitch the hearts with embroidery floss.
and put a little quilting batting into the middle of them to add a bit of dimension.

{with home buying on my mind----keys just had to be a part of my Valentines decor}

And just in case you were curious my whole living room is looking without an oversized Christmas tree in the corner.....

I hope you are having a great end to your week!!!

I am linking up to a few of my favorite parties!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crafty Scrappy Happy Me. Thursday {19} and some AMAZING features!!!

Happy Linky-Party day my friends!
I hope you are having a wonderful week!
I am so honored and thrilled to share just a few of my favorite link ups this past....
seriously you guys blow me away!!!

Isn't this just the most amazing wall art EVER?!  
Ohhhh Lovely Etc. you are crazy cool.... and if this isn't enough proof for you.... 
Check this out:

She stenciled her floors----{and this happens to be the stencil that I love and have played with myself} seriously I have never seen anyone stencil floors before--- this is AMAZING!

Ohhhh and this bench.... well I am in love.  LOVE.  
I love the different color stripes.
Yayyy Fab Rehab Creations----you rock!!!  

And of course I am so so sooooo crazy about puppies that I HAVE to love this sweet DIY dog bed!!!  I swear Roxy from Crafted Niche is SO SO lucky to have such a great space!

And finally..... once again---- Lucy from Craftberry Bush-----is AMAZING what an amazing spin on Valentines decor right?!
Goodness she just blows me away!!!!

Okay guys now it is time to share what you have been up to this week-----

Here are the rules:
no etsy shops, no giveaways.
anything crafty, scrappy and or happy is GREAT to link up!!!
Just please grab a party button and put it somewhere on your blog or specific post----totally up to you!
And I would LOVE for you to be a friend and follower of this blog :o)
That's all!
Can't wait to see what you have been up to this week!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

House Hunting on my Mind.

Hello friends---how are you?!  
I know I have been all out slacking when it comes to blogging...
buttt I swear things are going to turn around sooner than later around here.
I was in a bit of a craft rut, but last night I sat down and had some fun.....
photos to follow I promise!!!  
I am just waiting for some nice daylight to take the photos!!

Butttt until then I am 100% in house hunting mode.
Yessss hubbie and I are officially shopping for houses.....
and we are first time shoppers....
uuuuuhhhhh oooohhhh right?!
Each house that I remotely like while touring, I move myself into.....
I decorate.
I fall in love and I get emotionally attached.
I am in trouble right?!
What do you do to separate yourself....???
I think the problem do you know if you could feel at home unless you picture yourself in a home that you might buy?!
and for me that means decorating and moving in and picturing EVERYTHING...... 

But anyways,

Just in case you are wondering here are a few of my homes that I am currently dreaming of... 
Now prepare yourself to see the potential not the immediate beauty okay?!

Starting with this "animal-head infested home"
{literally heads show up in almost each room}
but it is all about seeing potential....
beyond the existing decor....
soooooo here is what I am thinking:

"animal heads be gone" 

And enter light and white mantle with cabinets at the same height so that you have LOTS of room to decorate!!!

Orrrr how about light and tall cabinets next to a darker but tall mantle?!

And did you notice that awkward space next to the family room?!  {yep check the photo again and look to your right in the photo....} yep that is a game room right in the living room?!?!? nooooooo I am thinking of something more like this:

Yessss some kind of a nook would be perfect in that area right?!

And then there is the kitchen in the same home....

I think light and white for the cabinets-----yesss I would sooo paint those right on up....
with the dark counters would be great.
Andddd maybe a fun backsplash and a fun wall color would make it perfect!
Ohhhh and some new lighting right?!
Yes pendants!!!

Okay and moving on to the next home....I like to call this one the "blank canvas" house.
because really...... EVERY single wall is white.
White white white......
I like white buttttt I have some other ideas.
Starting with the bedroom.

Ohhhh this bedroom needs some spice:

yes this is perfect. every. single. detail.

but I also love the great planks that show off the high ceilings with this bedroom.
Perhaps a mix?!?!

And on to the living room of the "blank canvas home".

AMAZING but plain.
Great view of a little private lake which is what matters the most to hubbie and I buttttt it could look amazing with some loving right?!

How about some beach-y curtains like these?!?

And some ceilings like this living room?!  Ohhhhhh how what a cool idea to spice up the tall ceilings instead of just painting walls!!!!

And how about these stairs?!

yes they would look amazing just like this!!!

And although this doesn't seem to come along with any of the homes I have seen so far-----

I am always keeping a look out for a space to make this happen.....ohhh how dreamy!!!!
Soooo now that you see what I am dreaming about....
what do you think? 
How do I keep my head while house shopping?!
How do I stop myself from moving into each home.
The decorating in my head doesn't help me to not be attached.....
buttttt it just seems to happen....
what do I do?!

Photo credit:
Please see my home decor pintrest board by clicking here to check out the sources of the "dream room" looks.
And please click here to see the homes for sale!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crafty Scrappy Happy Me. Thursday {18} and some AMAZING features!!!

Happy Happy Wednesday.
I am thrilled to finally be half through the week and I am REALLY looking forward to having a day off tomorrow to get all caught up andddd maybe even craft----FINALLY.....
I am going through some with drawls....!
Butttt even thought I haven't been crafting or blogging I have been busy.
I am puppy sitting the cutest little golden retriever puppy EVER.
Hubbie and I are starting to house shop...... for our very FIRST house ever....
WOW that is more stressful than I could have ever imagined!

Anyways I had such a great time looking through all of your amazing projects linked up last week and I can't wait to get some inspiration for my craft day tomorrow from all of your projects this week!

And here are just a few of my favorite link ups from last week.
Seriously you guys are all so so darn talented!!!

I am head over heels in love with this nautical dresser that Stacey by Embracing Change made--LOVE!

And even though I think Lucy from Craftberry Bush knows how much I adore her.....
I just have to feature her projects when I am lucky enough to have her link up over here....
Like these beautiful BEAUTIFUL marshmallow hearts!

I LOVE these Faux birch lanterns----Lucy has an amazing tutorial so you can make your own {out of cardboard paper if you can believe it!!!}

I Love this Je taime pillow-----ohhh sometimes I pretend that the T is a J then it looks like this amazing pillow has my name all over it!

Check out this amazing Green Hutch with hot legs by Fabulously Flawed.

Sooo here is your chance to link up this week:
Just share anything crafty, scrappy and or happy!
{No etsy shops or giveaways}
Also please be a follower of this blog and grab a button and have it somewhere in the post you link up or on your blog so that your blog friends can come over and party here too!!!!  
{Seriously nothing would make me more happy!!!}


Friday, January 13, 2012

What I know.

Happy Happy Friday friends!!!!!!
I am so so so excited and honored to be over at one of my favorite blog friend's place today---
she has this amazing series where she has friends come over and share "what they know".
Andddd although I might not know a lot....
I did have fun coming up with a little list of things.
And I have to start the list by saying that I KNOW that I love blogging and making blog friends just like Lindsay (Linds as I call her). 
And I think you should really take a minute to go over and check out my post but more importantly her blog Southern Lovely.

{And just in case you are curious}


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crafty Scrappy Happy Me. Thursday {17} and some AMAZING features!!!

I missed our party last week!!!  How about you?!
I can't wait to see what you have been up to this week AND last week!
Feel free to link up any and ALL projects----I can't wait to see them!

And since I am a firm believer in "better late than never" here are just a few of my favorite projects that were linked up at our last link party two weeks ago!

And oooh my goodness check out this AMAZING shed makeover by Love of Family & Home.

Andddd I adore adore this wedding decor from Love of Family and Home as well!!

Primitive and proper blew me away with her furniture projects this past year
I am so excited to be able to share a couple with you----like this Henrietta pink dresser.

And I also love Primitive and Proper's black sideboard!

And last but NOT least----I love this two toned dresser that My Simple Home Life make this past year!

Sooo here is your chance to link up!
Anything Crafty, Scrappy and or Happy is great for you to link up!
Please no giveaways or etsy shops.
And please please please include a Crafty Scrappy Happy party link or button somewhere on your post or blog----soooo that your friends and blog followers stop by too! 
Anddd be a follower of this blog if you would!!!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The DIY part of my sisters wedding & some special memories!

Alright guys are you ready to see the sweet little details of my sisters wedding?!?
This is the last post about my little sisters wedding this weekend....
I just couldn't NOT post about the sweet crafty things my sister did to make her destination wedding so so special!

{Starting with this super super sweet idea}

So now let me explain a little bit....
The lace, ring and pendant were sewn into her dress and had SO much meaning to her!
The lace was from her mother-in-laws wedding bouquet.
The ring was my step mother's mothers wedding ring.
The mother child pendant is my mother's.

The date of the wedding was embroidered and then sewn into the dress on the day of the wedding.
I had fun taking pictures of my grandma taking time to hand stitch it in.

And finally my sister also embroidered a sweet "I love you" to her husband-to-be as well as the wedding date on his wedding tie.

And I wanted to show you the sweet wedding scene. 
I love that they used enclosed lanterns for their beach wedding unity candles----
that was such a great way to avoid the candles from blowing out. 

And here is the reception and dinner site----perfectly beach-y right?! 

Such a beautiful set up and so personal at the same time.

I loved the hydrangeas and orchids that they used in the bouquets!

And even though this was a destination wedding, my sister is TOTALLY a "ball jar" kind of a gal soooo
ball jars made the trip from Wisconsin and were included in the decor.
Simple water, ribbon and floating candles really added to the decor!

And now for some final sweet moments and memories:

Yes it was a fun and special time.
I am so so honored and glad that I could be a part of it!!!