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Crafty, Scrappy, Happy: July 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

In case you missed it--dressing up old flats.

Hi friends, here is a post I did over at my wonderful real life friend Tabitha's blog-Inspired by Giving.

This project is inspired by Tabitha!  Let me tell you---she is one trendy gal!  She is so cute!  She works at the school I was attending and each day I would have to stop by to visit her and drool over her cute outfits, shoes, and jewelry.  And then I would stare down at my scrubs and get green with envy!
Buuuttt now that I am in the "real world" and have a bit more freedom with my "style"----I am all about trying to accomplish the Tabitha look I so envy!

But with a Jaime twist to it.

Because it wouldn't be me if it wasn't up-cycled!  
Starting with an old pair of shoes. 

I added a couple of fabric flowers that Tabitha is AMAZING at making. 
Glued them down and then sewed them to re-enforce them.

Wham-bam.  I have a super simple up-cycled pair of shoes. 

Annnnddd at the last minute---before I wore the bad boys out and about I decided they needed a bit more Tabitha sparkle sooooo.....

I added some jewels. 

What do you think?????

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A pottery barn knock off the crafty scrappy happy way!

Ahhh do you all drool at the sight of a Pottery Barn catalogue like I do?
because I seriously salivate over EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. of that darn

My husband can't understand why I won't throw them away....
(yes I keep mine in a pile---because you never know when you are going to need inspiration)

I mean if I won the lottery....well, lets just say I would be on my way to the mall but not to buy would be all about PB!

Buttt for now I am stuck with the reality of my situation, I am far from being able to afford anything that even resembles a pottery barn piece of furniture.
SO, I drool at the shiny magazine pictures for hours on end and then decide to make my own version with pieces of furniture I have around the house.

Just to warn you,
I realize my up-cycled versions don't turn out just like the PB version,
BUT they make me happy!

Here is the Pottery Barn version:

I have SO been wishing for a shelf like this one,
one that sports the library card catalogue feel via tag holders.

And here is what I had to start with.

Sooo much better right?
Not a pottery barn piece, but a Jaime version anyways.

I had fun personalizing it a bit to make room for a crock at the bottom---
I LOVE crocks, for me they are WAY better than baskets, 
I literally use them for EVERYTHING--
living room storage of blankets and pillows only makes sense to me!

Here is a little bit on the how to part:

I painted the dark wood with my newest love affair (if you couldn't tell from yesterdays post) Paris Grey chalk paint.

Then I distressed until I was giddy and content with the worn look.

Next I measured and cut slabs of thin wood from the hardware store for $0.19 each 
and added the tag holders with screws.

A little wood glue later the are all set.

My number one goal when I decorate it---"surround yourself with things you love"
And this shelf's decor actually has a little hidden special meaning to me.

Are you surprised?
I ALWAYS try to keep things special and meaningful.

This shelf had both an old scale, a couple of vintage dental books and a starfish.
(For those of you who are new here, I am a newly graduated dentist who is just now 
enjoying "real" life---just so you don't think I am super crazy for collecting the dental books)
During school it was hard to keep balance because I had to make my work my priority, but now my hope is that I remember to always balance work and play.

Don't be fooled, I certainly don't always find special meaning for my decor---
Sometimes certain looks or collections of "things" 
just make me really really happy.
Like this basket full-o-blue ball jars.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

A love affair with Paris Grey---a side table up-cycle

Well guys, I am feeling the need for change----can you tell based on my blog header and background?!  I can't promise it will be the same tomorrow.... Arrrggg I am SO not great at digital design but I am trying to come up with SOMETHING that is "me". 
Feedback is ALWAYS helpful! 

Anyways, just like my blog, my furniture seems to keep changing also---
I am having SO much fun with my chalk paint.
But I am getting a little worried---are you guys getting sick of my furniture up-cycles yet?  
Because if you aren't already than I can almost promise you will be soon....

My up-cycle for today started as a modern dark wood piece. 
I was SUPER hesitant to try to up-cycle something with such a modern flair since I tend to go for the more vintage look...
But I found this beauty for $3.00 at a garage sale and thought it was worth playing with.

This looks like something I would have wanted in my house just a few years ago...
Before my love of vintage was realized.  
Now the sight of dark wood makes me cringe.  
I guess a lesson I need to learn is that I should buy furniture that is of good quality, 
so that I am able to "refinish" it as my tastes change.

I have to say a bit of Chalk Paint----color Paris Grey saved the day.
Ahhh the ease of distressing with this paint is AMAZING!

I just painted (you can skip the sanding and priming with chalk paint) and distressed.
When I distressed I paid extra attention to each "line" and "detail" of the piece.
Finally I "sealed" and "finished" the piece with clear wax---to make it more durable.

I picked corners and details and distressed more in those areas.
And when I say distress I mean I used rough grit sandpaper and just worked at removing just the right amount of paint-no rules for that just do what you like.

Then I added a pull instead of putting the knob back on....
I thought it gave the once modern piece more of a vintage feel.
And of course I couldn't help but make a tag for it with my typewriter---
"Happy" about sums it up!
Because that is just how I feel about how this guy turned out.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A pretty little stool.

Well today I had some fun up-cycling this pretty little stool.
This $5 beauty was all ready to be fixed up.

I have to admit I wasn't looking for a stool when I found this guy at a thrift store....butttt I decided it was better than nothing....
You see, I have been SEARCHING for something to paint
 with my birthday paint and just can't seem to find a thing!

This just happened to be a perfect little mini project.

Enough to make me really really start wishing for 
bigger and better treasures to use my chalk paint on!

But sometimes it is the little projects that make a BIG difference in a room.
Anddd even though I am wining a lot, I am glad this guy ended up in my living room!

I also must note that I loved using a vintage salt sack for the project instead 
of new fabric like I had originally thought I was going to use.

What do you think?  Would you up-cycle something like this?  
I love that it was a way to add a pop of color to my room!  
Anddd the best part was that the total time spent on this project was less than 30 min.

I am linking up to a few of these amazing parties----check them out---they will most definitely inspire you!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Head & foot board made from old doors!

Hello blog friends!  I am so so so excited to share my project with you today---I just finished it all up and am really really loving the look so far!  

This project all started from a garage sale hubs and I went to about a month ago. 
We picked up two beautiful old doors for CHEAP and brought them home knowing we could use them for something.
This is where I come into play---I am the designer or the "projects".
I came up with a plan and my wonderful husband "executes".
And execute he did, this weekend while I was visiting my sister!

More on that story later, but here is the final product.

I have to admit I did a little happy dance when I saw everything "put back together"!

Here is the before---I know the wood door color is nice and half of you might say you would have kept it darkkkk.....buttt  I LOVE the white. 
And I have no regrets! 

Ahhh fresh and nice.
I am so so so excited that we are finally getting around to the decor of the guest bedroom!
It is so hard when it takes so long to finish the moving in and nesting process....but I think I am finally getting there.

The bed frame was actually pretty "simple" and by simple I mean it only required a few cuts to make everything all fit perfectly.  We used two boards on either side of the head and foot of the bed to connect and strengthen the entire frame.
Like I said Hubs did this part all by himself....I will freely admit that I thought that I needed to be present for this part...I might be a bit of a micromanager when it comes to my crafty "projects", but wow was I pleasantly surprised with his craftsmanship!

Andd that meant that I was able to get right to my favorite part.
Talk about teamwork right?  
I LOVE to paint!

And painting was even more fun with 
my AMAZING birthday---chalk paint! 
(And wax)

Ahhhh aren't the details of the distressing DROOL worthy?!?

I am thinking this is a great guest room start, now it is time for me to add some wall decor!
Maybe a re-finish of the night stand on the other side of the bed.
A new lamp shade for that side as well and finally maybe a dresser up-cycle!

Watch out guest bedroom I am ready to get you right!
Butttt I can't up-cycle everything in this room...
Do you remember the old school desk that I refinished FOREVER ago?  I love to use it as a multifunctional night stand table and place to set extra blankets and such for guests.
And it will stay just as it is!

What do you think?  Not bad for a super super inexpensive up-cycle to headboard right??

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A creative way to transfer printed images! Meet Dee from A Lapin Life!

Alright bloggin friends I have been having a BLAST having blogging guest posta here on my little blog---and I am guessing you are enjoying it also!  Today we have the AMAZING Dee from a Lapin Life here for a visit----and boy ohhh boy is she going to knock your socks off with this SUPER COOL transfer idea!  I am ALL about new techniques and this one sounds right up my ally!  Go and check out all of her great projects, she has such great taste!  

Hi! I'm Dee from: A Lapin Life

I'm so excited to be here. I can't wait to show you my craft projects! Jaime has given me this wonderful opportunity!  It's so great to be here with YOU! I can't thank you enough Jamie. You ROCK!  

I've been on a french kick lately. French wine, french music and now french looking crafts. Here are just a few of my favorites.

 Burlap on Stretched Art Canvas - Chalkboard Paint and Terra Cotta Pots
French Chicken Wire Frame -French Postcards

New Project: French Pillows
This will blow your mind. No more messy oils or trying to put your fabric in your printer using spray adhesive.  You can now make fast and easy projects with a woodworkers transfer tool. *Make Pillows, Tags, Cards, Memo Boards, Ribbons, Shirts, Team Logos, Drapes, Gifts, etc! You can also use it on wood. 
Added bonus your fabric can be washed!Please use cotton fabric!

   I'm taking a peek to see how the toner transferred.

Supplies: laser printer, paper, cotton fabric, wood cutting board and a woodworkers transfer tool.
Plug in your woodworkers transfer tool and let it heat up.  Using a circular motion press the transfer tool onto the paper  firmly. You can pull up a corner of the paper to see how you like it. If you want the picture to be even darker go over it again. The nice thing about this project is once you place the transfer tool onto the paper it will adhere to the fabric. Let's say your working on a large project you can finish it the next day. The paper will stay where you placed it on the fabric. It's ready when your ready!!!
Another bonus it does not smear.
My husband's wanted to see how easy it was to transfer the toner to the paper. 
He was amazed!

 For this project I decided to make pillows. 

You can use either black or colored ink on your cotton fabric.

Here I added burlap and I also used black coffee to give the light fabric an aged look.

The french stamp was fun to use.

I enjoyed finding pictures from The Graphic Fairy Blog.

I hope you enjoy using the woodworkers transfer tool as much as I did! 
If you would like to get the tool you can find it on my sidebar.

Thanks Jaime!  
Dee A Lapin Life

So so so cool right?!??!!!!  Think of the possibilities for this----I always have a hard time with my citra solv transfer method because it fades after a few washes---sounds like this might be the new hot transfer method!  I am so honored that Dee wanted to come and share it with us!  
Yayyyy for blog friends and great crafty inspirations---now go visit and get to know Dee!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Meaningful Longitude & Latitude Decorated Pillow

Hi blog friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I had such a great time helping my little sister find her wedding dress!  What an honor!  
Now I am back home and trying to enjoy the 100+ degrees weather.  
And speaking of degrees and of weather----
Did you catch this meaningful pillow I made and shared with Maggie from Midwest Sewing Girl's blog friends last week??
Longitude & Latitude & my Lake---doesn't get more meaningful than this!  Annnddd I am so excited by the gift ideas and thoughtful things you can do with Lat and Longitude!  
Soooo without further chatter here is my guest post!

As you all know, my house currently has a bit of a beach-y cottage-y feel that I am SO enjoying this summer!
I am undoubtedly inspired by the lake right down the road from my new home---lakes are SO my kind of heaven!
SO, I decided to make a pillow with the latitude and longitude of my new lake---that is so special to me!

Special and it matches my beach-y themed house...that is my kind of project!

Step 1. Find an old pillow to up-cycle
Step 2. **Here is where I must caution, I am by no means a sewing pro like Miss Maggie, I like do the easy version...which literally took me about 20 min. tops to read with caution!  

I sewed two "layers" of my pillow:
The first layer to ensure the bright orange was covered up and because I wanted the same material to show through at the ends where I tied the sides together with ribbon.  
The second "layer" I just sewed the 3 sides together and finally the 4th side over to create a clean appearing edge.

{I think this picture should help you better understand the "layer" thing!}

{See that inside layer tucked in there??  And the outside layer with the folded over edge??}

Step 3. I used the "citra solv method" (I use this one about once a week on my blog it feels like).... to transfer the lake name and coordinates (which I found on yahoo) from a printed page straight to the fabric.
Step 4. I sewed the ribbon onto the edges by pinning them and then sewing.

{This is the finished look!}

What do you think??  
Will you be making your own special pillow or Longitude & Latitude pillow??

Stay cool!  
And stay tuned---
We have an amazing guest tomorrow----
And a new transfer technique!!!