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Crafty, Scrappy, Happy: October 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The unblogworthy blog post

So, I have been thinking.... that I don't have anything to post on my BLOG.  Nothing BLOG WORTHY if you will.  But then I realized that maybe that is what blogs are for, posting anything and everything in any way shape or form no matter how unworthy it is.  Maybe I am just slow because I am guessing all of the blog pros out there already knew this, SO onward to making a commitment to post more regularly.  As I am becoming less interested in facebook and more interested in keeping in touch via blogs I regularly check for blog updates and less regularly for facebook updates--this is big for me a once facebook addicted student is becoming a less facebook addicted more blog addicted adult yeahhhhh for me!  Any how I have noticed that I have become sad when friends and family don't update their blogs more often, but who am I to complain when I don't either.  SO from NOW ON I would like to post once a week, --wow I know you can hardly say this is going overboard, but I am thinking I am going to start slow-ish but with the idea of possible increases in the future or prn (as needed, lol).

So here we go-today's unblogworthy blog post is inspired by me realizing that I am SO DARN THANKFUL:

Case and Point:
I am thankful that there were high winds in Michigan the past two days---why you may ask???  Well because first of all it gives me a chance to laugh when patients call and cancel appointments due to the "weather" I mean for real?  No but really, I am thankful for the wind because it blew the singles off of the heavenly hamburg house I am living in...and whyyy in the world am I thankful for this you might be thinking?!??!!  Well, because, I love the humble house on Hamburg Lake and I have been having a HARD time thinking about leaving, perhaps because of the great memories shared with my wonderful husband and friends here, perhaps because this house helped me to learn that my heaven and my peaceful place on this earth is being butted up right next to a little lake like this one.  Never the less, I know that I am going to face a hard time come this spring when I have to leave...   BUT with shingles flying off of the roof all over the neighbors yards (actually MANY large chunks of multiple shingles-is this really bad?!?) I am grateful that this piece of heaven is only my TEMPORARY piece of heaven at this point!  I know that me being okay with leaving this place will take A LOT more than flying shingles...I mean I really don't know if I would WANT to leave even if the whole roof was gone, but these little things are making me realize that I am not ready to face every little part of being a home owner especially here is Whitmore without my husband the handy man.

Lets see, I am also very very thankful for new friends and GIRLS group.  I am blown away by how much my weeks have changes with a single evening spent chatting with girls about LIFE.  These meetings (or more like dinners and coffee dates) are making me realize there are others out there going through similar struggles in DIFFERENT ways.  It is also allowing me to reflect and gain perspective on my week as it is going on.  Who knew that was so important.  I always pride myself at how I am able to be reflective and remain positive even when I am having hard time.  I didn't realize that talking with people or really sometimes just listening would give me a chance to be more real, to get my feelings OUT and then in return gain other peoples POSITIVE outlooks and truly be able to apply it in my daily life.  I know that girls group has not been going on for long and perhaps I am only a temporary member, but I have learned that this is something I would like to try to have in my life, and I think that is amazing.  And finally, for the first time in a LONG time I am talking to them about GOD and about PRAYING and that makes me happy.

And Finally I am THANKFUL for my husband.  He is amazing, enough said.

SO that is hardly all that I am thankful for, but for this evening in my unworthy blog post with poor grammar, mistakes and runonsentinces-it is what is on my mind and it makes me happy to share it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I LOVE this video!!!!


I can't stop laughing!!  I am thinking Kylie is going to have to learn!
Kylie thinks that is a great idea too!!!


The Haunted House ON Hamburg Lake!

Okay so maybe my little Hamburg house isn't haunted, but it IS decorated for the holiday!  In case you didn't know I love love love to decorate and holidays give me a reason to change thing up and have some fun!  Sooo here are some pictures from my Halloween-ish house!

** disclaimer** pictures were taken with my cell phone because Cal has the nice camera---pictures of the Badger game this past weekend were a must have.  And as I am sure most of you can understand, when I have the camera I feel like I have nothing to take pictures of BUT when Cal has the camera for two weeks, I feel like I could have taken enough pictures to fill 5 scrapbooks...!

Painted my pumpkins just like my magazine told me to, but had to keep the crock out right next to them....just for a little bit longer before I bring it in! 

Kylie loves my decorations, and I love this old chair I just found at a garage sale the other day!  I also love the funny looking pumpkins just like this one!  I might just have to try to grow my own next year! 

Might be my favorite decoration in the house! 

Gotta have a Michigan pumpkin in the house even though our team is sucking it up right now!  Ohh and another crock! 

So may cute ideas for fall decorating this year I just had to try them all, a little ribbon around the pumpkin just adds a little something! 

Love my buffet!

Kitchen!  Note the ugly wood colored counter would not have been my first choice but when you have a lake in your backyard you can put up with a lot! 

Anddd I made some chalkboards out of old mirrors that were sitting in my good will pile of junk!  Thanks to Tabitha for the halloween quote idea!  

Yet another seasonal decoration! 

Annnddd the best part about my haunted little house in Hamburg----isss the view out my living room window....ahhhhhhh how I love lake living, this is my kind of heaven!  

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New loves

Today might be a monumental day for me... today is the day that I learn about the magazine made for me... the magazine that (aside from pottery barn) that I would love every idea for decorum beyond reason.... and a magazine that I now aspire to model every room in my house in accordance to!!!!  WoWWW it is a big day---ha!  Sooo turns out there is a magazine that appreciates one of my nearest and dearest loves---antiques and country home living....soooo here are my inspirations for tonight.....

Nowwww, I am guessing I need gold paint or spray paint....maybe a marker and lots and lots of pumpkins and boy oh boy do I wish I had a stand like that....  I am guessing I saw something like this at a garage sale this summer and do you know what I thought?!?!?  ---hey I  bet I could stack some pumpkins on than?!!? nope!  I bet if I saw something like that I thought---I have no room for that aaaaand Cal will kill me if I try to bring that home......hummmmm.......maybe next years garage sales have to feature me being defiant and bringing home EVERYTHING that I love.....  BUT the good news is that I for sure brought every crock home that was in sight this garage sale season   ----I think I might see one on the lower left of the picture sooo I am almost there are far as my cute Fall decorum goes right?!?!?

Also a cute idea...but might not happen this year.....Next year when Cal and I have a house together and it isn't just meeee enjoying...perhaps....but reading a book right now that suggests that my life begins today...torn maybe I need to do it this year??!!!


OMG---yes the twennie ohhhh my goshhhhhh is used in this situation because I am in love love love with these bowls andddd they are in myyyy magazine as I will now refer to it as---even though technically speaking we are talking about country life---this magazine has captured my love for these antique (meaning-more than 100 years old) bowls!!!!  Although I have only found a FEW of these at garage sales (where the owner of these beuts thinks they are not worth more than a quarter) I looooveee the few that I have found and now, thanks to MY magazine am thinking I need a cool antique table to display them on!  

Love it or hate it, I am obsessed with antiques anddd finding bargins....annnd now officially OBSESSED with this new magazine!!!!  More to come on the decorum of this little lake house in Hamburg!