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Crafty, Scrappy, Happy: November 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crafty Scrappy Happy Me. Thursday {14} with Co-host Love Sweet Love

Hello Friends!!! 
Are you ready to party?!?

First let me highlight a couple of wonderful projects that knocked my socks off this past week!!!

I LOVE this AMAZING sign made by the wonderful blogger behind Crafted Niche

And you will just be amazed at how simple Its Over Flowing makes this look via this tutorial!!!  What an amazing gift idea!

Anddddd I LOVE this mirror.  LOVE.  Check out how Junk vagabond made it!!

I am SO lucky to have such a great co-host this week----simply said, Angela is the best. 
I hope you took some time to get to know her this week---her blog {Love Sweet Love} is great and she is SUCH a great blog friend to know!!!

This is a double link party so anything you link up here will also so up over at my blog----
And I just can't wait to see what kind of crafts and fun stuff you are up to!!!

The only rules and requests for this party:
Have fun linking up anything Crafty Scrappy & Happy--no etsy shops or giveaways please!
Be a follower of Crafty Scrappy Happy and Love Sweet Love if you would!!!
Grab a party button!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Christmas Card Holder that Makes me Shutter because it is SO cute {Love Sweet Love Guest Post}

Hi friends!  Happy Happy Tuesday after Turkey Day!
I hope you had a great Monday!!!
Today I have a very special treat for you-----you get to hang out with Ang from Love Sweet Love!!!
I adore this girl.
Andddd I know you will to!
Check out her super sweet Christmas Card Holder and
then head over to her place and say hi to her from me!!!
And get excited because she is also going to be the co-host of our Crafty Scrappy Happy Party Tomorrow Night!!


Hello wonderful Crafty Scrappy Happy followers!!! I am Angela, the voice behind Love Sweet Love, and I'm just beyond THRILLED to be guest posting here for Jaime today! This girl has been my bloggy BFF since the beginning, and I'm sure you feel the same way about her as well because she makes such an effort to befriend anyone who come across her path!

If you come over to my little corner of the blogging universe for a visit, you'll find things like easy DIY projects for the home, craft ideas for kids, thrift store makeovers like this and this, organization ideas, and holiday decorating (the reason I started blogging!). My life is over-flowing with Sweet Love and I needed a place to share it!!

I think we can all agree that ONE (out of 1 bajillion million-totally a number) of the things mrs.jaime is fantastic at, is up-cycling. Soooo, although I'm no where near as talented as my dear hostess is in this arena, I thought in light of being here at Crafty Scrappy Happy, and helping co-host this weeks linky party, I would share a project I recently up-cycled for Christmas.

Old Christmas card holder!

I got this idea from a friend at church who was making them for an activity. She found a local store in our area that was selling old shutters for just $2 a piece-score! I definitely was not going to miss out on that deal so I grabbed a couple from her and busted out my Rustoleum spray paint!

I knew I wanted the color to come out a deep red to match some of my other Christmas decor, so I first spray painted one coat of Kona Brown and once that was dry added a couple coats of red.

It came out looking like this:

Which I actually really loved, but since it's absolutely impossible for me to leave anything alone, I wondered what some sanding and dark walnut stain could do...

Oh SQUEAL! Love!

I have so many projects that happily pay my garbage man visits, that on the rare occasion that something actually comes out the way I envision it in my head, I get pretty darn tootin' excited about it.

Originally I was just going to add a simple felt christmas tree, or stocking to the bottom corner for some embellishment- not that any is really needed since the cards that will go in the shutter are what "embellish" it-but when I turned out with this vintage bad boy I knew some of these old-school cut outs (from Michaels) were going to be sneaking there way onto the shutter.

Something about these old "pictures" just makes my heart melt...

...and I got a little carried away...

...but seriously, can you blame me?!?!
Since Christmas cards haven't started going out yet, I picked a few homemade/vintagey type ones that I've kept over the years and put them in so you could have a little looksy.

And that's it!

And since I hadn't decorated for Christmas yet when I made this, you get a picture of it in my makeshift studio-aka my living room...with a florescent night, yikes. So just imagine it's sitting next to pretty Christmas decorations, in nice lighting, mmmmkay?!

Oh! And in case you were wondering, the cards stay tucked nicely into the slats because of the stick of wood that runs up the back (you know...the thing that you use to open and close the shutters, and if that rod has a name I obviously don't know what it is) but if you find a shutter that is missing that piece you could just use some wood glue and glue a thin piece of wood to the back and I think that would do the trick as well!

Yay! A pretty, organized, way to display all those special cards we receive from family and friends throughout the season!

Thank you my dearest Jaime for letting me share some Christmas love here today! Stop on over at my place anytime, I'd LOVE to meet ya!

And enjoy some Michaels coupons for your next project scrappy happy project.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A shabby chic ruffled Christmas tree.

Hello wonderful Crafty Scrappy Happy friends!
I hope you had an AMAZING holiday.
I hope you ate wonderful food.
And gave thanks for all you have.
I am sorry that I was away----
but I am not sorry for the time I spent with my family and the memories I made.

BUT now, bring on the Christmas Decor!!!!

I LOVE the shabby chic look right now-
Sooo I was inspired to make this shabby chic ruffled Christmas tree.

Sweet and simple---let me show you  how to make your own!

Here is what you will need:
-hot glue gun
-candle holder and "tree topper"
-beads and pins {for the ornaments}

1. cut fabric into strips
2. fold and iron fabric in half
3. cut folded strips 
{And don't worry NONE of these steps have to be perfect---
let me tell you what I always say---my crafts are NEVER perfect...
but I like them even more because they aren't!}

4. Next find a candle stand and a tree "topper" {I found mine at Michaels}
5. Start wrapping and gluing the fabric so that each layer overlaps to the STYROFOAMâ„¢ Brand Foam with hot glue.
6. add ornaments {I used beads from my DIY jewelry stash} 
use a pin to attach them but pushing them right into the tree.

ruffled and fun right?

I like the messy fabric look. 

especially amongst the mercury glass decor!

Andddd because as you know, I  am ALWAYS changing my decor around---I HAD to try another spot for my tree....

I hope you have an amazing start to your week and I look forward to showing you my holiday decor in the next few weeks!!!

Ohhh and before I forget again----
Winner winner chicken dinner
I COMPLETELY spaced and didn't announce that the winner of the super sweet bag 
made especially for YOU by Eva from Delightful Creations
Comment #12

Contact me so we can get this super sweet bag sent your way!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Crafty Scrappy Happy Me. Thursday {13} & features from last week.

Happy Happy Wednesday Friends!!!
I am happy to say that I am going to be headed home for the holiday and soooo I have decided to start the party a little early.
Pleaseeee don't feel like you have to link up----
it is time for family and friends first and foremost buttt if you have a few minutes and you are looking for some decorating inspiration for after Thanksgiving----
have some fun looking around!!!

Andddd before I features some AMAZING projects that were shared at last weeks party---
please please let me say that I am SOOO thankful for you ---YOU--- my friend and followers of this little ol blog.  
You mean the world to me. 
Your comments often make my day.
You inspire me.
And many of you have become more than just blog commenters---you have become blog friends
and I am SO thankful for that!

And now for some AMAZING features:

Check out my new blog BFF Its Overflowing's AMAZING style.  
I mean seriously?!? 
I am drooling and I don't even see food on that table....
ooooh it is so beautiful!

 Lovely etc. once again amazes me with this amazing project----isn't that collection of cameras AMAZING?

 Anddddd how about this chest.
I think that Because I like to Decorate re-finished this on PERFECTLY.
It is officially time for me to do some stripped projects---no question.

I am not always all about the bold and bright butttt WOW did Salvage Savvy nail this instructive tutorial on the "how to" part of stenciling.

Anddd finally I really really am excited to share the next two projects with you----not only are they amazing, but they are made by one of my first and favorite blog friend Ang from Love Sweet Love.
I ADORE this quote and it will most definitely make the best Thanksgiving center piece EVER.

And how about this sweet sweet fall outfit Ang made for her little cuttle?!  Ooooh sooo so cute!  
Now let me tell you something SUPER exciting-----
Angie from Love Sweet Love is going to be our Co-host for next weeks Crafty Scrappy Happy link up party!!!!  It is going to be SO fun sharing the blog with her next week!

To all of you who were featured----feel free to grab a feature button---you deserve it!!!


But on to the party at hand.
I can't wait to see what you are up to.

And again I hope you are having such a wonderful Thanksgiving----I am SO thankful for YOU.

The only rules and requests for this party:
Have fun linking up anything Crafty Scrappy & Happy--no etsy shops or giveaways please!
Be a follower of Crafty Scrappy Happy if you would!!!
Grab a party button!


Monday, November 21, 2011

I did something kind of crazy.

Hello friends!  Happy Happy Monday!
I am excited and a little nervous to show you what I did this past week....
You MIGHT think I am CRAZY!

Do you remember its sweet vintage beach-y cottage decor?
Well I know that you may have seen the new looks my mantle got for the fall...

I made a change once again.
I have NOT yet worked on decorating my mantle for the winter holiday...
That will be happening SOON...
but until then I made a kind of big change to my little FA-NTLE.

I gave it a paint job.
Graphite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was my friend this week!!!

I think the dark made a huge HUGE change to the look.
My tastes are ALWAYS changing but I think I am really kind of becoming a little crazy about the simple sleek look of the dark look.
My eyes go straight to the mantle----where as before the mantle was just one of many things in the little living room space.  And that my friends is just what I was trying to accomplish!

Alright----I am ready.... lets get some feedback from you!
What do you think?
White is right or bold and black?!

Regardless----I do have to admit that it is fun having a fake mantle because it means I get to make crazy changes AS OFTEN AS I WANT.....
I mean who knows maybe it will be another crazy color a month from now!

{I am linking up at some of these amazing parties}

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hello friends! 
 I am once again too excited to wait when it comes to holiday decor
& sharing it with you.
I LOVE decorating for the seasons.
ESPECIALLY when I can MAKE my own decor!

this Joyful sign makes me SUPER happy.

Simple, subtle and just enough to create a seasonal space!

I know that pallets are the "in" thing right now, but I didn't use pallets for this project, I used hardwood flooring that I picked up from the bargain center of my local hardware store! 
{I think it that the boards costed about $1.00 total, and got two for that price}

I started out by staining the wood and then I "white washed" the wood with a green "trial size" paint made by Martha Stewart's home paint line.
And for your information----(Sometimes Kmart has coupons.)!!!!

To white wash I just paint on, and rub off so that you can still see woodgrain through the paint.

I used eye hooks to attach the ribbon to the board.
Andddd I just nailed the letter hooks into place.
Nice and simple but unique all at the same time!

What do you think?
Are you holding out on your holiday decor until after Thanksgiving?
Thanks SO much for stopping by!

And again just a reminder, (Sometimes Kmart has coupons.) for  Martha Stewart's Home Paint line!

Andddd p.s. I want to let you know that TOMORROW I will be over at Under the Table and Dreaming as a guest for Stephanie Lynn's STYROFOAM series going on right now---I would LOVE for you to check out my project---and while you are there check out the other amazing projects as well!!!


{I am linking up to a few of these AMAZING parties}