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Crafty, Scrappy, Happy: October 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Bedroom Makeover!!!!!!!!! {Final project for American Crafter}

I am so excited to show you guys my Bedroom Makeover, it has been something I have been wanting and thinking and putting off doing for a LONG time now....
I just kept pretending that I didn't mind the look of my room....
Butttt I was finally inspired to make the room HOME--thank you for the motivation American Crafter!

Andddd this will be my final plea for you to go over and vote for your favorite project---
I just KNOW they are ALL going to be amazing!

My bedroom makeover is completely and totally "me".
I did everything I possibly could fit into the past 3 days---
I feel like it is a perfectly meaningful 
{I have special stories about just about everything in the space!}
special and relaxing space---
everything I was wishing for!

I had fun refinishing all 4 of these pieces!!!

Bed frame:

Ohhhh I have been wishing my husband would let me paint this bed frame FOREVER!
Anddddd I finally just jumped in and did it!
I instantly regretted it while I was doing it....
buttttt now I can't imagine why I didn't do it months ago.

It just lightens up the room SO much!

{and do you remember this old bench/coffee table I up-cycled a few months ago?
Well it has found a new home!}


Next I tackled this dresser.
It has been sitting in my garage since I moved it---my landlords were getting rid of it----
soooo I rescued it.
And I started to think that it might become a permanent fixture in my garage
{my husband started to put garage stuff in it....
and I knew I had to take it over or I would loose it forever}
I hated the waterfall top....
{don't hate me if you love them!}
Soooo I helped hubs cut it off!

Anddd much MUCH better right?!

I like to pretend that it was painted just for me by 
my two blog idols when it comes to decor and furniture!
{In my dreams would I own one of their pieces!}
Soooo I pretend and make my own version!

Night stand:

Sweet and simple, light and airy.

Guess that is all I have to say about this one....
Ohhh except did you notice we have two different lights for our room?
Hubs requested a more "boy-ish" lamp for his side....
hummm sure this works right?


I just smudged it up with paint, distressed it anddd stopped there because 
I like it---
imperfect and all.
I don't mind at all that it is missing a slat on its back....

it fits right in with my home---because it is NOT perfect at all!!

I focused on making everything light and white--while blending grays and tans---
It should be noted that 
I didn't spend more than $6.00 on any of the furniture!
I LOVE up-cycling!

Then when I was done with the big projects:

I did some smaller special and personal projects that make the space feel like home!

Noooo I don't love the number 81 but I sure do love Aug. 1st!
I am such a dork but I am all about special art!

It honestly seems like I can't keep myself from giving everything new looks lately.
& this is no exception!

Much better right?!

what do you think?

I hope you can forgive me for being neglectful of the blog this week----
I have been working hard on this one!

Now----for the last time
I would love for you to go and vote!
Please don't feel like you have to vote for me---just head over vote for your favorite---
I know they are all going to be amazing!

Thank you for all being wonderful and for all of the support---it blows me away and means more than you know.

{I am linking up to a few of these wonderful parties}

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crafty Scrappy Happy Me Party {9} With Co-host Pamela from PB & J Stories

Hello my wonderful blog friends!
How are you doing this week?!
I have been BUSYYYYYY....
Because of your support (which means the world to me) I have made it to the fourth and final round of American Crafter!
And WOW have I been working hard to come up with something fun for this final round!
I found out on Monday that I would be moving on to the next round and have to have my project sumbitted by tomorrow which meansssss---not a lot of time to work,
orrrrr really it means not a lot of sleep for me this week!
But stay tuned and check out the final round, Friday!!!

But until then, did you enjoy getting to know Pamela from PB & J Stories this week? 
Wasn't her sweater pillow just wonderful? 
Anything even similar to pottery barn is drool-worth to me!
If you haven't taken time to go and get to know Pam's blog go over there and check out her AMAZINGLY INSPIRING projects!!!

Anddd now I want to feature some of the AMAZING projects
from this past week that I can't stop thinking about! 
You guys are just wonderful, and your projects just blow me away!

Isn't this vase made from twigs just amazing? 
Thank you to the Wonder Forest for such a simple and beautiful inspiration!

Yep and I am totally head over heels for this beautiful bread board by

Is this not the sweetest most wonderful little pumpkin butt you have ever seen?! 
Ohhhh I just had to pin this so that I will be sure to make one for my little ones someday!
Aren't these just simple and sweet? 
I want a set for every single holiday!!!
Three Sisterz blog makes it look so simple!

Check out this chalk board bathroom!  I LOVE it!
And check out Stylebaggage the blog that made it happen!!

Isn't this EEK Pillow by Kim from Twigs and Twirls just amazing?!

Isn't this front poarch just perfect?!  I think so! 
I adore that painted rug! 
I sure do love all of the inspiring ideas over at the Turquoise Piano!

Check out this tutorial on how to make your own Mod Podge!!!
Ohhh man this is going to save me a million dollars!
Thank you Babblings and More for sharing!

I think I am still recovering from last weeks inspirations----
I don't know what I am going to do with more....!
But bring it on!
I can hardly wait to see what you are up to!!!!

It is time to party!  This is a double link party, which means that if you link up at either the host or co-hosts blogs, your link will be shared with friends and followers at both blogs!  Have fun linking up anything Crafty, Scrappy or Happy!  No giveaways or Etsy shops please!

Just grab a button, and follow both the host Crafty Scrappy Happy and co-host PB & J Stories and link right up!



{ps be sure to grab a feature button if you were one of my inspirations this week!}

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweater Pillow {Guest Post PB & J Stories}

Alright guys---I just adore Pamela and her blog PB & J Stories!
We are lucky to have her here this week!!!!
Boy have I met some amazing blog friends---and this gal is for sure one of them!!!!

My name is Pamela and I'm the one that blabbers on over at PB&Jstories.  I'm so excited to be guest posting at Crafty Scrappy Happy with Jaime.  She and I have exchanged friendly emails and comments back and forth since I found her blog several months ago.  She's one of those bloggers that I wish we could team up on the weekend and tackle projects together!

Typically you can find DIY project reveals and tutorials on my blog, mixed in with some "life like" posts about my family, friends, or style trends.  I've also recently opened an Etsy shop, PB&Jcreations, which I use a lot of reclaimed wood to make home decor signs, so I'd love if you checked that out too!
Today I'm here to show a tutorial for actually a project I'm quite a novice about...sewing.  But the project turned out great so if I can do it... anyone can

One of the quickest changes I think one can do to a living room or bedroom for a big impact is change out the throw pillows.  An even easier and cheaper way to do that, is change out the throw pillow covers. 

Here was my inspiration for my new pillows:
{Pottery Barn}

Here's my final result:

{Sweater Pillow Tutorial}

I started off with a Goodwill Sweater that I picked up for $3.99 and figured out where I wanted the pillow to be cut from of the sweater.

I was pretty lucky and the width of my pillow was the width of the sweater so I kept the seams from the side of the sweater in tack, which made my job even easier.  I flipped the sweater inside out so I could sew along the top and bottom of the cover.
{Tried getting a picture while sewing but it was pretty thick material and once I got started I didn't want to stop until I reached the end}. 

As I mentioned, I'm a sewing novice and didn't want to try and tackle a thick material like wool and try to add a zipper to close the cover.  So my design was the basic "envelope" type cover, but I just cheated and used the opening of the actual sweater, as the opening of the pillow.

I wanted the "opening" to stay shut since it was in the front of the pillow and not the back, so I used sew-on velcro.  I've never used this before and was SHOCKED at how heavy duty it was!  But, it was really easy to use, I just pinned it into its spot and sewed it on so the opening would stay closed. 

Next I just slid in a pillow insert I had on hand and lined up the Velcro and closed up the opening.

To add the illusion of a big comfy sweater I added two oversized wood buttons I picked up from Michaels for $4.00 and sewed them on (conveniently covering a visible button-hole).  I attached them using a dark brown yard and extra long needle, was a little tough to push through the layer of wool + velco but still doable.

{My son taking taking advantage of the new pillow while I'm still hard at work.}

After the buttons were sewed on it was all done!!! My brand new comfy sweater pillow for the cooler temperatures.


{Happy Dance}!

I love it and it a big knock off of the original price from Pottery Barn for a fraction of the cost.
Plus, with the velcro opening I can easily remove it after the winter season and it's time for a new fun spring cover. 
A big thanks to Jaime for letting me share this Sweater Pillow tutorial on her amazing blog!  I hope everyone enjoyed it!

How to turn trash to a shabby chic treasure! {Re-upholstering my chair}

Hi guys! 

I want to say a special thank you to all of you who were SO supportive and wonderful during this past round of American Crafter.

Stay tuned, the final round starts this Friday and I am a BUSY gal!
It may not be the most exciting project for this week, but it is one that I have been dieing to do FOREVER!

Anddd just in case you were wondering I have officially gone blogging insane because I am also part of BTOB (another competition) that starts this week...
What in the world was I thinking???
I promise NO more competitions after this.
I like the challenge but I hate the feeling of being part of a popularity contest.


I am excited to give you what you have asked for----
the "How to" part of my shabby chic chair up-cycle!!!

My honest opinion and advice for you before I even get into the details is...
it's NOT thattt hard, it is WELL worth the time and it DOESN'T have to be perfect!

Okay, are you ready?
Here is what I did.

Step 1.  Strip the chair down.
DON'T be shy---get rid of all of the fabric, staples, nails and pins that may be stuck in there!

Step 2. Decide if you "stuffing" is worth saving or replacing.
{I saved mine}
Step 2 & 1/2. Take her outside and spray paint away!
{I forgot this step and am feeling lazy so I am not going re-number so this gets to be a half step}

Step 3. Cut your fabric to slightly larger than the area of the chair that you are working on .
{I used 2 pieces since my fabric is on the thin side}
Step 4. Get out your staple gun and go for it!
{There was a time when I was afraid of the staple gun...but I like to think that we are BFFs now}
{Oh and I folded my fabric over to create a smooth edge prior to stapling}

Step 5. Tackle the seat.
Do the same thing, just tuck and staple.
I didn't do any kind of fancy measuring to get the fabric just right around the legs, I just cut slot approximately where there needed to be slots while I was stapling along....
{Not super helpful I realize, but I am not for measuring and details like that....anddd sometimes I suffer the consequences... buttt not this time!}

Step 6.  Get out your glue gun and hide those staples!
{And try not to burn yourself---
I might suggest NOT watching TV
talking on the phone
while crafting
with a glue gun
during this step or you might end up with a nasty burn on your arm....
just sayin}

And wham bam trash to treasure!
What do you think?  Would you try it?

Anddd for those of you who were wondering about the framed fabric quote
Here is how I did that!

I just cut the quote out of vinyl and put the words on my fabric.

Then I painted the fabric with Old white chalk paint.
Then I wrapped the fabric around an old board that was cut to size
for this old frame that I up-cycled months ago.

Talk about inexpensive decor right?!

Friday, October 21, 2011

A shabby chic chair up-cycle {anddd please go and vote!!!}

Hello friends!  I am excited to share my latest project with you!!!
A chair up cycle and some fabric complete a corner of my bedroom this time!

American Crafter has been such a great inspiration and push for me to do projects I have been putting off, case and point------
I FINALLY got around to up-cycling this old chair!!!
Remember FOREVER ago when I shared a post about which garage sale finds you would have taken or left?!?!  Well this guy has been in the garage for months now....

 I found this now shabby chic chair at a garage sale for five dollars this summer andddd in reality I probably over paid for it at the time because WOW was it in bad shape! 
---but with some fabric and motivation it is now a chair I will treasure!  

Andddd since I was having fun with the chair I got excited to create the perfect space for it.

I also took some time and made a matching framed quote on the same fabric I used for the chair
The quote is a reminder to me, that home is wherever my husband is (since we spent the last year apart so it is SUPER meaningful to me!) & for those of you who know me and my crafting I love anything that has meaning!!!

What do you think?!
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how uncomplicated it was to re-finish the chair---are you interested in the "how-to-photos"??