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Crafty, Scrappy, Happy: February 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crafty Scrappy Happy Me. Thursday {24} and an oldie but a goodie project!

Hello friends!
Happy Wednesday!  
I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

I don't have anything super exciting or new to share with you tonight....
butttt I thought I would share an oldie but a goodie.
A easter project that I made last year.
Anddd since I only had about 2 followers back then I am guessing you might have missed this one.

This graphic candle was a quick and simple project that I did back then with a hair dryer and an old candle and an image printed on a thin piece of vellum paper.
Check out the tutorial {here} if you are interested!!! 

And now into the important stuff!

I can't wait to see what you are up to this week!

No real rules just the regular stuff.
Feel free to link up anything Crafty, Scrappy and/or Happy!
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Features from last weeks link party.... and my favorite commercial that doesn't seem funny at the moment.

Happy Tuesday my friends! 
Where in the world did the first few days of the week go?!?  
I have been working hard and recovering from a wonderful weekend in Chicago-Land!
I must make a mention to my famous person sighting while I was there----I got to meet Maggie from Midwestern Sewing Girl!!!!!  
Yesss it is true I got to meet and hang out with one of my favorite bloggers in real life while I was close to her hometown.  And. It. WAS. AMAZING!!!!  
It makes me really really wish I could meet and hang out with all of my blog friends! 

And on a side note I was enjoying a good old fashioned re-run of house hunters on HGTV and going through your AMAZING projects linked up at last weeks link party whennnnnn.....
I was reminded of my most favorite commercial **usually** ever...

Yes.... it is true, my sweet faced pup was overlooked while I was drooling over your projects and now....
Since I highly doubt that the steamer cleaners can come and save the day as it is late at night....
I am off to scrub my carpeting....!!!!
{I will just repeat in my head as I clean---I love my dogs I love my dogs I love my dogs}

Anyways, lets get on to the fun part here----YOUR projects!!! 
I {heart} you guys and your talent and your friendship SO much!!!

St Patrick's Day Banner by the Sweet gals at Lolly Jane

Amazing organization by Salvage Savvy

The every changing picture frame by The Brown Abode

Eggvocado by The Traveling Spoon

Master bedroom redo reveal by PB and J Stories

Super Simple Dog feeder by Crafted Niche

DIY Barrel Shade Chandelier by Burlap and Denim

Airplane Party by Southern Lovely

Special Birthday Mantle by 52 Mantles

Birthday Timeline by 52 Mantles

Ruffled Drop Cloth Pillow Tutorial by Twigg Studio

Bead Board Picture Frame by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Family Pride Outdoor Sign by Pondered Primed Perfection

Piano Mantle by Knick of time interiors

Be sure to grab a feature button if you would like one!!!
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And get ready to link up to this weeks party SOON!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Favorite Breakfast EVER---Night Before Salsa Egg Bake

Hey guys!
How was your week?!
I hope it was great!

I am very VERY excited to share my most favorite breakfast EVER.

It is a family favorite.

And I almost alway prepare it the night before I have weekend guests.... 
then all you have to do is refrigerate and cook the next morning while enjoying coffee and visiting with your guests
 instead of scrabbling to get a nice meal together...
It also works well for me because lets face it I am NOT much of a morning person!
The less cooking I have to do in the early morning hours the better off EVERYONE is!!

And as an extra benefit this recipe is seriously it is SO simple.....

Here is what you need for a 9 inch pie pan.  
{I double the recipe to make a larger pan---and trust me left overs are just GREAT!!}
-6 eggs
-1/2 cup mild salsa
-1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese
-1/2 cup light sour cream
-1 cup grated monterey jack
-1 cup grated cheddar

Then you just spray pan with non-stick spray
-whip together eggs, cottage cheese and sour cream in medium bowl

-Spread salsa over bottom of pan and sprinkle cheese over salsa

-pour egg mixture over cheese

Bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes.

And finally get ready to ENJOY the best AND most simple breakfast EVER!


I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

I am linking up to a few of my favorite link parties!!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crafty Scrappy Happy Me. Thursday {23}

Well guys I CANNOT believe that it has been a week already since my 1 year celebration and our HUGE link party!  
I just keep smiling everything I think about how much it meant to me that everyone made it so special!

In case you missed it I did two AMAZING features posts from last weeks party....
seriously if you are looking for amazing inspiration---look no further!

Anddd in case you didn't see enough of the wonderful projects my sweet friend from Smallgood Hearth picked her favorites and put them in a sweet collage for us!!!
Here is what she had to say:

I was blown away by several projects.  I narrowed it down to 8, so hard to choose only one or two projects with that much awesomeness.

Isn't that just the perfect last little taste of AMAZING projects from last week???!!!!

And I promise this will be the last mention of my one year spent blogging but I think that it is important to tell you the best things about my first year of blogging!

And I want to note a BIG HUGE change to my blog {well not really but I am kind of excited}.
Up on the top of my blog along the tabs there is a Party link.
{Click here to go and visit}
Is now officially a place for YOU to share and link up places you like to party or places where you host parties!
I would LOVE for you to check it out!!!!
And help me find the best blog parties around!

Anyways, I hope you are ready to party again this week!!!!!
I can't wait to see what you are up to!

Same "suggestions" as always.
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Ready?  Set? 
Get linking! 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Features from last weeks party! {part 2}

Well guys....
I am still enjoying every last link from last weeks party and so I had to do a second feature post.
Because you guys are AMAZINGLY talented!  
I only wish we could all get together and craft and decorate together!

Happy Entry by Meeha Meeha

Cute centerpiece by Sweet little Gals

Scrabble Art DIY by insideways

Stenciled bathroom wall by Clean and Scentsible.

Reupholstered chair by Pandoras Craft Box

DIY Dish Towel Skirt by Ruby Jean

Living in Blue and White by Desire Empire

Caramel-Banana-Pecan Muffins by Dwell on Joy

Playroom reveal by Woven Home

Oreo Surprise Cookies by Measured by the Heart

Love Embroidery Hoop by Casa de Luna Creations

Heartbreaker Tees by Corner House Blog

Red velvet cupcakes by Coral and Cost 

Master bedroom reveal by Paint Speckled Pawprints 

I can't believe it has been a week already!
I just want to say one last HUGE thank you for helping me celebrate my 1 year of blogging is such an AMAZING way!

And on a side note 

Before I forget, I want to note a BIG HUGE change to my blog 
{well not really but I am kind of excited}.
Up on the top of my blog along the tabs there is a Party link.
Is now officially a place for YOU to share and link up places you like to party or places where you host parties!
I would LOVE for you to check it out!!!!
And help me find the best blog parties around!
{And that way I can be sure to party at your place too!}


Monday, February 20, 2012

Candy Jar Etching

Sooo I have something to admit.
I have a HUGE weakness.
I. LOVE. Easter. Candy.
I mean LOVE.
Sooooo although I know it is a little early for Easter decor...
I couldn't stop myself from making an Easter candy jar...
{because lets face it, it was the perfect excuse to stock up on Robin's Eggs and Jellybeans!}

Andddd I had a chance to try out a technique I have been meaning to try for some time now!

Sweet and simple.
Just my style.
And I bet you would have never guessed that my sweet candy jar started out as a pickle jar....
Okay so maybe you would have :o)
But and simple---YES PLEASE!

Cutest pickle jar around right?!?

And yes I had to decorate the top with scrapbook paper and ribbon...

And Here is the "How To" part for the etching.

Clean out your pickle jar.
Cut a vinyl image {I used my silhouette cutter to do this part} or use a stencil and tape it to your jar.

Paint a thick layer of the etch on the glass.
And rinse off in a few minutes... {although the directions say 60 seconds}
You may wish to repeat the etching part twice.... I did because I wanted the image more noticeable...
perhaps I should have left the etch on longer?

Anyways, I like the look.
Not to obvious but festive at the same time.

What do you think?
Do I have you thinking about your favorite Easter Candy now?!?

And I must give all inspiration credit to the AMAZING Darby over at Life with the Hawleys!

She etched her pyrex------talk about clever right?!?!?

I am linking up my project at some of these amazing parties---be sure to check them out for some amazing inspiration!!!!